About Us

United Jain Lawyers Association is an association of Jain Lawyers, Jurists and other law professionals. The members are primarily from India. The association has its unit in every state with its own organizing structure. The constitution of the association enervates the goals and primary objectives of the association. The association came into being due to the efforts of Acharya Shri Shri 108 GyanSagarjiMaharaj. The effort of the Association is to polarize and give platform to the novel work done by the Jain Lawyers everywhere. The Association is being guided in its approach towards social issues by the principals of Jainism.

History of UJLA

In the early years of century, Jain Lawyers in different parts of the country started meeting each other and felt the need to address fratricited litigate among Jains and the different sects among Jains. There was also issue of legal empowerment of the petty businessman class and the uneducated.

All these efforts relied into are movement by the inspiration and guidance of Acharya Shri Shri 108 GyansagarjiMaharaj in the year 2009. Since then the Association has held its annual convention at different places :-

2009  :         Shravan Bail Gola

2010  :         Bangalore

2011  :         Mumbai

2012  :         Surat

2013  :         Delhi (15th December 2013)